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Brando Corradini, I am 30 years old and I am a graphic designer.
From an early age my world was drawing and coloring and this passion of mine led me to undertake higher studies in the artistic field which was followed by a three-year degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, obtained in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts "RUFA" From Rome.

I consider myself completely creative but above all I am an artist.In what I do and who I am I always want to be free, far from any rules. I don't like certain stakes, even when I worked for companies or other realities, I felt imprisoned within certain rules.I have traveled a lot and this has given me the opportunity to have new experiences.
For my works I draw inspiration from everything around me, from what I live, from what passes before my eyes every day, making life a wonderful muse.

At the moment I opened a clothing brand with the name “NoMade clothing” and I collaborate in a design and branding agency with the Mylab3d Studio which is interested in 3D design and modeling.

Today I'm here because I realized, over time, that I didn't want to be just a graphic designer but rather a "graphic artist". I would like to become a person known worldwide: my dream is to have a page on Wikipedia!

– If you are interested in a collaboration please contact me on

+(39) 3667048992 

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• 2019 — Wave Market Fair | Fiera dell’Artigianato e del Design 120 brand / +1000 prodotti — 30 Nov & 1 Dic 2019 dalle 10:00 alle 21:00, PratiBus District, Roma PORTFOLIO REVIEW by District.

• 2019 — SPRINT—Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon Milano 19 SPRINT Art Book Fair, Spazio Maiocchi – Artifact Milano (P.ta Venezia) Artifact & SPRINT presents New Aesthetic exhibition & book launch by Leonhard Laupichler Opening from 1–9 PM.

• 2019 — Sundae School Poster Exhibition will be held on November 1 at the Sylvia Wald & Po Gallery which is located at 417 Lafayette St, NY from 4:20 to 8PM. SSC OPEN STUDIO: WHAT DO YOU THINK/DO AT 4:20PM?

• 2019 — Blank Poster volume 1 – book launch! Book release on Friday at Sverdrups gate 15 – Sverdrups gate 15B, 0559 Oslo, Norge 18:30–late Exhibition hours, Saturday & Sunday 11–16

• 2019 — Errore Digitale | Visual Avantgarde 24 — 25/05/2019 @ WEGIL — Largo Ascianghi, 5, 00153 Rome, Italy · Yakamoto Kotzuga pres. Slowly Fading live AV · Clichevideo e DAF Dance Arts Faculty pres. "Everything is Replaceable" AV performance · Untold Wall feat. Karol Sudolski & Nic Paranoia analog installation · Onde Delta live AV · Michele Papa pres. Sp.i.r.e. performance · Brando Corradini exhibition · Vincenzo Pizzi & Elio Di Paolo live AV · Avanguardia Digitale: talk a cura di The Walkman Magazine con Karol Sudolski, Nic Paranoia e Brando Corradini · Studi sulla forma e dei mezzi costruttivi nella composizione audiovisiva attraverso Paul Klee talk a cura di con Massimiliano Mascaro

• 2019 — LANCEMENT DE LA 10E ÉDITION DE PICA MAGAZINE ÉTUDIANT QUI CÉLÈBRE LA VITALITÉ DE LA COMMUNAUTÉ ARTISTIQUE DE L’UQAM 10p0 — L'exploration April 24, 2019 Centre de design de l'UQAM 1440, rue Sanguinet, Montreal, Quebec H2X 3X9

• 2019 — Art Party ft. The Walkman - Nuovi codici espressivi © TAG - Tevere Art Gallery, Roma – Venerdì 1 Marzo ORE 18:00 (18 - 22) ART EXHIBITION / Michele Spina, Brando Corradini, Giusy Amoroso — 3D Artist & Visual Designer



• 2019 — Graphic #Social Design Master's Degree Thesis Date of publication: 2019 Graphic design: Agata CutuliTo better investigate the relationship between graphic design and social networks, a research was carried out on Instagram concerning graphic designers with greater visibility and popularity. Subsequently, nine of them were interviewed, coming from all over the world, with the aim of understanding if indeed that high number of followers and fans has relevance or not in their "real" work. We have seen how social networks, and especially Instagram, exponentially increasing the visibility of their graphic work, lead to a popularity that is poured into everyday life and not only on the web.Interviews of:
Anthony Burril
Tad Carpenter
Ludovico Pincini
Louise Fili
Christoph Burghard
Alex Center
Sean Heisler
Brando Corradini

• 2019 — E150-a Publication Date of publication: 2019 Graphic design: studio abracradama ( Johanna Dahmer & Lena Cramer )After half a year of culinary and experimental travels, we created E150-a, a magazine designed to take the reader on a journey. From Dusseldorf via Berlin to New York, Eindhoven and Giessen – our journey was colorful, loud, exhausting and very inspiring. We want to share this experience with the readers. E150-a critically questions the large topic of "food", leaves room for the positive and deals with current trends. We want to capture the zeitgeist of food and present it in a graphically appealing way. We all love to eat – we have to eat to survive, but how will our eating behaviors change in the future so that we can continue to enjoy ourselves? How do designers deal with the topic of food? Why do some things disgust ourselves and with others we do not hesitate to put in our mouths? Why do we even use cutlery when we have two healthy hands? Meat or meatless? Role distribution at the table? – Many questions and topics which we have asked ourselves...

• 2019 — Digital Maximalist by Alice Chachka Date of publication: 2019 Graphic Design: Alice Chachka Digital MaximalistAn editorial publication that talks about the overload of the digital many of us experience in our lives in the 21st Century. How many emails, notifications and messages do we receive daily? Why do we keep so many photos on our phones? Why do we follow hundreds of people on social media when we only care about a dozen?

• 2019 – On the Road to Variable: The Flexible Future of Typography Paperback: 220 pages Publisher: Victionary (March 27, 2019) Language: English ISBN-10: 9887850179 ISBN-13: 978-9887850175 Product Dimensions: 8 x 10.5 inches

• 2019 – New 3D Effects in Graphic Design: 2D Solutions for Achieving the Best Pop Up Results Publisher: Sandu Publishing / Design 360 Binding: Hardcover Editor: Flamant Date of publication: April 15, 2019

• 2019 – Page Design: New layout and editorial design Publisher: Sandu Publishing / Design 360 Binding: Hardcover Trim Size: 210 mm × 285 mm Pages: 240 Language: English Editor: Flamant Date of publication: January 1, 2019

• 2019 – Gram Publishing #5 issue 57,3 g of DESIRE 2019 | Edition of 200 Golden packaging 18×12 cm containing 40 artist’s banknotes 15×7,5 cm printed on Century Cotton Laid 100 g White designed by 40 different authors + manual instruction

• 2018 – Advanced Creation #2: Le magazine des professionnels des arts Advanced Creation repense son contenu et sa forme pour répondre aux enjeux actuels des professions créatives.

• 2018 – Print Finishes: Push Your Designs from Good to Great
Publisher/ Sandu Publishing
Binding/ Hardcover
Trim Size/ 210 mm × 285 mm
Pages/ 240
Language/ English

Publisher/ SendPoints
Binding/ Hardcover with Jacket
Trim Size/ 185*250mm
Pages/ 224
Language/ English
ISBN/ 978-988-78494-6-9

• 2017 – IdN v24n2: Editorial Design — In Grid We Trust
160p + 8p cover – 160mm (w) x 230mm (h)
4 varying paper stocks (4C process + matt lamination)
ISSN (English Edition): 1029 4805 – ISSN (Chinese Edition): 1029 4813

• 2017 – MW – First Gender Neutral Magazine
293 pages (digital magazine) + interview

• 2017 – BREXIT zine, A5 – 20 page
printed on 130gsm, 20 pages 148mm x 210mm.
Staple bound gloss available from @ the kioskbooks independent publishers fair.

• 2017 – FORME – 8e édition du Pica magazine –
Publication + Exhibition @ Centre de design
1440, rue Sanguinet, Montreal, QC.

• 2015 – "Como, bella da vivere"
Choi's Gallery Magazine [The World's Best Graphics (2015년 Vol.32)] ISSN 2074-496X.
(224 pages. 28.0 x 21.7 x 1.7 cm, paperback)

• 2014 – "URA NARC"
Hannah Burrell (106 pages)
URA NARC is a exhibition editorial aims to explore the ideas that surround the necessity of ego, vanity and self worth as well as the role and influence of social media on these qualities/inflictions on todays creatives.